Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Need To Start Dancing Again

There was a time in my life when I took dance lessons. But I never took them long enough to get really good. I would go to these dance studios with friends for a free night here and there, and then I remember signing up for a three-lesson package or some such. But it was never enough to get good.

Before I went to Argentina in the late 90s, I did take some tango lessons, but again not enough to be good once I got there. I remember another student in the class told me she had taken some
salsa dance lessons in los angeles and that she had really enjoyed it. I may look into some salsa lessons as well. Anyway, I kind of miss the activity and meeting people through the lessons.

I Love the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Another Thanksgiving and another Macy's Parade. I really, really love it. Seems like it is just part of the Thanksgiving tradition. I like to watch the marching bands in particular and marvel at how the flag corps members never seem to mess up (since messing up wa a regular part of our flag routines in college, it seemed). Anyway, maybe there are thing we can't see! The TV cameras can only pick up so much, to be honest. I have always wanted to go to NYC for the parade. Maybe at some point I will. Seems like that would be a fabulous thing to do and a new tradition for Thanksgiving as well!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Don't Really Get Karaoke

I have to admit that I have never really "gotten" karaoke. Like, why do people do it? I can see at a party if you are just goofing around, but I am not sure why people do it in a restaurant. Are they trying to get discovered? I am  just not sure. I would think if they are just out for a fun time, they would do something else. But to stand up and sing in front of a bunch of strangers? Why?

I was out of town for work recently and stopped to eat at a TGI Fridays and it was late at night, and the only place I could sit is at the bar. They had a professional karaoke system set up in there, and the same two people kept getting up and singing. It was very annoying. Again, my only question is why?

New TV Season!

I know now-a-days, television shows start at different times of the year. But there still seems to be a fall TV season, when a majority of new TV shows start. The two that I am watching now are The Walking Dead and American Horror Story--Freak Show. I see a trend here! I do enjoy different kinds of shows, but I have a special interest in horror and weird. Both of those shows definitely fit into horror and weird. This is only the second week of Freak Show, but it seems to be pretty good. (I really liked Asylum from a couple of years ago). Maybe it plays into my sense of curiosity or voyeurism? Anyway, it is good. And the actors in both shows are superb.

I Love The Drums In A Marching Band

I just attended a college football game and ran by the band room before the game to see the marching band getting ready to perform. They show up early with their uniforms on, and their instruments in their cases, or if they have drums, in drum bags. Then they practice the songs in the band room, and then they line up to march to the stadium. I love the drums the best. I am a cadence freak, and could listen to that all day. And nearly have. Hearing the drums practice by themselves is like a tribal ritual. The call to arms! The call to another band performance. Their tribe. Marching bands and drum lines are the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Am I Making Mistakes? And On Such Easy Things?

I am in a precarious place now. I am self employed and I am an older adult. Not a senior citizen, of course. But not a millennial either. I am very detailed oriented. And yet, I have made very stupid mistakes the last couple of times I was in court. Not irreversible. But stupid.

Both involve me not printing out things that I need to take to court. And there I am in court, not having what I need. And that means I cannot point to the contract where it shows we should get attorney's fees, and therefore the judge did not grant them. Worse still, I am representing another attorney in court, so of course they are not happy with me.

Mistakes like this can be fixed. It just means amending the judgment and going back to court. But I can't keep making these kinds of mistakes. Who is going to want me to continue representing them, if this happens more than once? (Luckily, it happened once to two different clients.) I don't want to become the doddering old fool yet, when I am just starting out!

But this cannot happen again under any circumstance. I have to make sure everything prints out, and I have it with me. How much more basic can that be?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Catching Up With Life

I have a lot to write about. So hopefully, I will write a number of posts in the next week or so. Right now, one of the main things on my mind is catching up with life. Just everyday life. Like organizing my home, regular housekeeping, cooking again, and getting exercise. Why do things get so hectic and complicated that we often start ignoring these areas of life? I am feeling a great need to slow down a little and smell the roses. If I start paying attention to these things, and doing the best for myself, the rest of my life can only get better too.